Body Language Skills

If you've just started using your ESP skills in the real world, it's good to understand how Body Language Skills (or BLS) and Mind Control can work together. Using your ESP and BLS to control other people and situations can be a great asset when you need to get out of a sticky situation.

It takes many of us longer to process non-verbal communications, such as facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, eye contact, and hand positions. We're able to process these things more slowly than we are given credit for. It's easier for others to figure out your non-verbal messages, but if you can master them, your actions can have a much larger impact than you may realize.

If you can gain full mastery of your body language, you'll be able to play with it, modify it, and use it in a way that reflects your inner state of mind. This way, when you want to talk to someone, or someone else, you can feel more confident. You can tell your inner self that this person is a valuable ally, and you can even see yourself in their eyes, knowing that you are speaking from within.

When you become aware of your body language, you can decide on which of the 3 categories of your own physical movements fall into, and then determine your next course of action. With that information, you can be more powerful in your conversations.

Through the use of Body Language Skills (BLS), you can make your life more pleasant, improve your relationships, make money, and have fun. When you want to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, the ability to manipulate your own body language will help you do so. By understanding your own habits, the next time you feel uncomfortable, you can control your body language to take you into a less intimidating mindset.

Imagine this scenario: You'have been unsuccessful at persuading someone to give you extra money or product; but you've heard that this person "isn't really a bad guy," and that you might get what you want if you just let him talk to you. You try to explain to your friend that you have seen this type of behavior before, but she doesn't understand why you're worried.

As you continue to argue with her, your friend says, "I understand why you're upset; but this is something I'm going to have to give him." You see your BLS and know that you will win the argument, but if you are going to let this person talk to you, you have to start moving your body, because they are clearly going to try to persuade you, and will try to move you away from your position.

After you know your human body is going to respond, you then do the same thing. Start moving, as if you're going to leave your friend's house. That's a move you can make with Body Language Skills, and you can determine what the next step is.

And remember, this only works if you can effectively communicate with your BLS. When you demonstrate your expertise with your ESP skills, you can change someone's behavior and affect them in a positive way. After all, most people are naturally shy, and unless they feel comfortable, they won't express their true feelings to you.

When they understand you, they tend to relax a little more, and they know that they can trust you, and you know they trust you. And when they realize they trust you, they may smile and say, "Yes!" or maybe even go out of their way to say it.

The power game is in knowing what your BLS tells you. Once you get your own BLS right, you can apply it to any situation and you can get yourself out of a tricky spot. Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to how your Body Language Skills and ESP can help you in your life. Think on this when you are preparing to give a presentation, or when you're participating in social interactions. your own personal games!

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